High precision casting on LFC of any complexity

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Country of origin Ukraine
Type of service production of castings of any complexity
Material for castings steel, cast iron, stainless steel
Product weight from 1 kg to 1800 kg
Warranty period 1 year


Available on prepayment only.


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Service Description

Lost-foam casting, according to the unlimited possibilities of plastic and geometry of manufactured products, has become the most popular and sought-after method for the manufacture of high precision castings. Also, metal casting using this technology is distinguished by high quality and effectiveness. In the “Meteksport Group” Company you can order the high-precision casting on LFC of any complexity.

Description and main features

  • Unique casting technology allows to manufacture the complex, high-precision casting.
  • With this method it is possible to obtain castings that other ways to make impossible or very difficult.
  • Impregnation with carbon of outer zone of manufactured object leads to increase its resistance to mechanical and chemical influences.
  • Feature of LFC technology is the possibility of producing temporary (single) castings, not exceeding the cost of production parts.


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Why do customers select us?

The company's specialists have extensive experience and will make products of any complexity in the shortest possible time.

Why do customers select us?
Why do customers select us?

We are a manufacturer and themselves produce mold pattern and cut products

Why do customers select us?

We carry out any order for the casting of high-temperature, carbon and stainless steel.

Why do customers select us?

We carry out casting according to customer drawings of any type of steel and chemical composition.

Why do customers select us?

Certified laboratory monitors the quality of the casting at all stages of production.

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Visualized 3D model of each of your items!