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Country of origin Ukraine
Type of service large casting
Material for castings steel, cast iron, stainless steel
Product weight up to 2000 kg
Warranty period 1 year


Available on prepayment only.


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Service Description

The company “Meteksport Group” LLC produces large-size cast iron and steel of any brand in accordance with the customer’s specifications. When creating a product, special attention is paid to its accuracy and reduction of allowances for subsequent processing. If you need to make a large-sized product – contact us right now!

Main advantages and features

  • For the pattern equipment is used styrofoam.
  • The manufactured model exactly corresponds to the size and shape of the future product.
  • The finished product is processed in modern machines – sanded, polished, are performed thereon hole recess.
  • After final processing, the product is absolutely usable.


Visualized 3D model of each of your items!

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Why do customers choose us?

The company specializes in the manufacture of complex castings and large masses of customer's drawings can make a product of high precision in the shortest possible time.

Why do customers choose us?
Why do customers choose us?

It is possible to order a batch production or production of a single copy.

Why do customers choose us?

Experienced specialists solve assigned tasks of any complexity.

Why do customers choose us?

For the manufacture of parts used only high-quality materials.

Why do customers choose us?

Finished products are delivered throughout Ukraine and abroad.

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Visualized 3D model of each of your items!