Gray iron casting

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Country of origin Ukraine
Type of service gray iron casting
Casting Material Cast Iron
Product weight from 1 kg to 1800 kg
The warranty period 1 year


Available on prepayment only.


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Service Description

Gray cast iron is a metal that contains iron, carbon and in small quantities graphite in the plates. Gray iron casting can be ordered from “Metexport Group” from such smelting materials: СЧ 10, СЧ 15, СЧ 20, СЧ 25, СЧ 30, СЧ 35, and also from foreign analog brands: from GG15 to GG35.

Main characteristics and features

  • Gray cast iron has a high castability, therefore, it is possible to make high-complexity castings from it
  • Perfectly fills the mold and gives a slight shrinkage in volume.
  • It is a rather fragile material – the thicker the walls of the castings are, the longer the product will last.
  • It is easy to work, grind, but should not be subjected to high mechanical loads.


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The popularity of our company

Depending on the type, structure of the alloy is totally different, however the product will vary performance characteristics.

The popularity of our company
The popularity of our company

Employees have extensive experience and make castings of any complexity.

The popularity of our company

It is possible to order a single production or mass production.

The popularity of our company

Production of parts is carried out in the shortest possible time, model equipment is included in the cost of casting.

The popularity of our company

The quality of castings at all stages of production is controlled by a certified laboratory.

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