Lost foam casting (LFC)

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Country of origin Ukraine
Type of service parts casting
Casting material steel, cast iron, stainless steel
Weight of parts from 110 grams to 1500 kg
Warranty period 1 year


Available on prepayment only.


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Service Description

Currently, the lost foam casting is the most popular and top requested technology for castings producing. The metal melted to a liquid state is poured into a previously prepared form, which is called a pattern. Thanks to this method, you can get a high-precision part. You can order lost foam casting in the “Meteksport Group” Company – high-quality materials used in the manufacture of castings allow you to achieve high dimensional accuracy and produce high-quality parts.

Characteristics and descriptions

  • For the manufacture of patterns used expandable polystyrene, which is gasified when pouring liquid metal.
  • Parts are obtained with a smooth and level surface and do not need to spend a lot of time processing them.
  • The technology allows to produce complex castings, which are practically impossible to obtain in other ways.
  • It is possible to make single (one piece) castings, not exceeding the cost of serial products.


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The main feature of LFC is that high-quality castings are made at lower cost than other casting technologies.

Demand for our production
Demand for our production

We have a team of professionals with extensive experience.

Demand for our production

Monitors the quality of the products certified laboratory.

Demand for our production

You can place an order online or by phone.

Demand for our production

Delivery is carried out throughout the territory of Ukraine and beyond its borders.

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