Casting of large castings weighing up to 2 tons of steel and any type of cast iron

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Country of origin Ukraine
Type of service casting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Material for castings steel, cast iron, stainless and high alloy steel and cast iron
Product weight up to 2000 kg
Warranty period 1 year


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Service Description

Modern technologies of foundry production and the latest equipment make it possible to produce large-sized castings of high quality of any brand. The “Meteksport Group” Company offers services for the production of large castings weighing up to 2 tons of steel and cast iron – you can place an order on our website right now.

Characteristics and features

  • Designing of pattern equipment is carried out accordingly to allowances for machining.
  • Pattern equipment is made from expanded polystyrene or wood.
  • The resulting model corresponds exactly to the shape and size of the future product.
  • Finished casting has no seams and practically does not need additional machining.


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Why prefer us?

Manufactured metal castings are of high accuracy, quality, cost-effectiveness and are safe for human health.

Why prefer us?
Why prefer us?

Experts with extensive experience solve tasks of any complexity.

Why prefer us?

Production of finished products is carried out as soon as possible.

Why prefer us?

Goods are delivered throughout the territory of Ukraine and abroad by transport companies.

Why prefer us?

Pay for the order can be in any convenient way for you.

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Visualized 3D model of each of your items!