MetExport - solid foundry

Called to the great

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10 years
10 years

of development in the market

7 hectares
7 hectares

area (main shop - 13 thousand m2)

6 tons
6 tons

casting volumes weighing up to 6 tons

3 million
3 million

completed parts

5 000
5 000

satisfied customers

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Setting the highest standards in the steel industry and the representation of Ukraine in the world market!



Ukrainian casting of European quality, because that passion to all the best makes us the market leaders!

Работа в команде


A team of hot hearts! Someone says this is impossible, but we - accept the challenge!



Together we achieve big goals! Our results are in the cities, on the roads, in the sky, in the field and under the ground. In every finished result is our item!



Our customers know how to be an excellent product is to achieve prosperity! Therefore, every day we do one great common cause!

MetExport - called to the Great


MetExport - solid foundry - 10 years of development and introduction of new technologies, thousands of satisfied customers.

Our potential stakes are castings up to 6 thousand kilograms of any steel grade (including stainless steel), cast iron of any complexity in the shortest possible time. MetExport is a team of hot-hearted professionals - focused on quality results!


Our strategy:

Гарантия качества

Quality assurance

Ответственность за результат

Responsibility for the result

Забота о клиентах

Customer care

Постоянное развитие

Continuous development

Упорный труд

Steady and diligent work

7 reasons for cooperation

Large volumes of casting - up to 2 thousand kilograms

2 types of cooperation serial and single

Flexibility and mobility in the design

Professional design-engineering department

Modern equipment - the ability to work with any brand of steel, iron and various alloys.

Certified metallurgical laboratory (which allows you to see the entire composition of the steel, measure the hardness of the metal, carbon level, ISO quality system)

Competitive price compared to other European countries

We realize castings

made according to customer drawings

  • Our company specializes in the manufacture of castings of any complexity weighing from 1 kg to 6 000 kg
  • We provide a guarantee on quality for a period
    of 12 months for all products
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We realize castings

Among our clients are

Engineering factories

Machine tool plants

Construction companies

Open-cut mining

Steel manufacturer

Mining processing plants

Merchant-coke plants

Crane plants

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How we are working

Ordering online or by phone

Ordering online or by phone

+38 097 819 2003

Coordination of all details, cost calculation

Coordination of all details, cost calculation

Prompt provision of services

Prompt provision of services

Payment in any convenient way

Payment in any convenient way

METEXPORT - We are an open company with hot hearts!

Visualized 3D model of each of your items!

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